Choosing a Printer

Some helpful tips and a downloadable/printable checklist.

Advice: Choosing a Printer

Choosing a new printer can be a daunting task. There are many different makes and models and several kinds of technologies in the market with multiple options. Consider the points below to assist in narrowing your selection and finding the best device to satisfy your requirements

Some points to consider:

  • Printer only or Multifunction (Print/Copy/Scan). Do you also need to fax?
  • Number of prints per month – usually equated in reams of paper (500 pages/ream). How often do you need to purchase a ream of paper for your printer? Is print speed important?
  • Black only or is colour required? Such as what documents do you mainly print. (Documents, Presentation Reports, Photos, etc)
  • Size of the print is A4 size ok or do you need larger size such as A3 (twice A4 size)?
  • Paper Feeder: Do you require an automatic document feeder to scan or copy multiple pages at one time?
  • Sharing: Is a wired connection acceptable or would you like to print remotely via a wireless connection? Do you need to print via multiple workstations through a server?
    • Photos
    • Documents
    • Presentations
    • Emails
    • Assignments
    • Reports
  • Duplex: Is duplex double-sided printing required and do you require double sided scanning?
  • More options that might be desired are prints from or scan to USB stick, CD label printing, Printing from Camera memory card.
  • Paper tray capacity and the number of paper trays (this could be beneficial where you need to print on different paper types).
  • Document size to print. Will you require a larger memory buffer for bigger documents and files?
  • Desktop mounted or do you want a stand-alone machine with trolley?
  • Budget: Have a clear view of your budget and be prepared to fore go certain features to fit to your budget restraints.
  • Ongoing running cost: When considering budget also consider the ongoing running cost of your machine. A lower machine cost usually means a higher cost per print. You should consider generic and refillable cartridges possibilities as an option for reducing your printing costs.
  • Once you have a clear idea of your needs, email ( or call us at (02) 9965 3703 to get advice on the best printer to suit your requirements.
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